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For quality concrete companies in MN, look no further than us! We add additional flair to your pavements and concrete structures by adding expert appeal and affordability.

How can we do this? For many years, we have trained our concrete contractors to be skilled in their artwork at a remarkably quick pace, this increases the number of customers we can help, ultimately driving prices lower. And because we always have an available contractor ready to work, you always get fresh eyes and hands on your project.

​So if you are wondering what is your concrete driveway cost, concrete repair St Paul Mn cost of concrete patio repair and installation, just ask! Reach out by calling 651-412-3436 or fill out the free quote request form here on our website.

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Retaining Walls

Concrete is the sturdiest material used to build a wall. However, many people decide to get a retaining wall to fence in a patio, outdoor space, or a garden. Retaining walls provide many choices in style, color, and shape, letting you customize the feel and look. There are numerous reasons why people decide to get erected walls. ​

Concrete Walls

Some customers have an interest in walls that bring character to a structure or property. The most common walls built are retaining walls used to protect or separate a particular area. Some pick concrete walls only for decorative reasons. It doesn’t matter if your interest is inspired by function or feature. The answer to your need is to request service from Concrete Company St Paul.

Residential Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks are the usual pathways along St. Paul, MN streets. Over the years, we have been asked to repair, replace, and install numerous sidewalks to city specifications. Some folks even like concrete sidewalks using decorative concrete, decorative patterns, or mini bricks. If you need maintenance because of cracking, lifting, or buckling due to tree roots or just worn out because of old age, or you want something new, get in touch with us!

Color Stamp Work

The opportunities are endless! Don’t let your mind go blank when it comes to the design of your property’s exteriors. We are masters of the trade. Partnering with us, we will bring your ideas to fruition. Enough with dull, old concrete! Decorative concrete is quickly growing in popularity. It can easily be converted into limitless spectacular custom designs. Moreover, it’s simple to maintain, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Whether you want to have a retaining wall for your business or walkways in your yard or home, Rest assured that you’re getting quality services at Best Concrete Contractor Mn.


Paving your driveway necessitates picking a trustworthy concrete contractor who you can depend on to give you a quality, lasting driveway. We consistently provide prompt responses to all our service inquiries. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

Our Servicemen and Women

As a dependable contractor of concrete services, our years of devotion and experience shows in our craftsmanship. All our specialists are proficient concrete builders who go all-out to deliver excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Our concrete work fascinates several commercial businesses and residents in the area. We also have economic prices that fit anyone’s budget who is looking to give their yard a new look.

Quality Concrete Projects for Every Industry

We have worked on concrete projects across just about every industry out there. Our concrete installations are used in countless places across Minnesota. That’s why by partnering with us, you can be assured of excellent quality and durable concrete work. We are the leading St Paul concrete contractors because our team can complete just about any job we get.

Today, our team serves clients in several industries like:

Retail and commercial – We help to enhance your business’s property with some of the most durable and beautiful concrete solutions. Not only does our work improve the structural performance of the building but extends its life considerably. We can deliver durable and highly functional work, in addition to numerous heavy-duty paving solutions that can further be custom-tailored to loading docks, truck parking lots, warehouse floors etc.
Property Management – Our goal is to make your concrete project easier with services across parking spaces, sidewalks, driveways, handicap accessible slopes/ramps, etc. Property managers have a lot of miscellaneous work on their hands, and so we are happy to help.
Work on multi-location properties – We have a great deal of expertise in many various concrete services which means you don’t have to consult with multiple contractors for each property. Our team can handle a pretty extensive selection of concrete work on driveways and parking lots across all of your franchise locations in Minnesota.
General concrete contractor St Paul – We help you decide what your concrete project needs. Whether it is remodeling, construction or just general contractor work, we deliver quality which exceeds your expectations. However, we work within your budget. Whether it is parking spaces or driveways, you can trust us to deliver.
We are home builders – We allow home builders to improve areas within the home, and our team handles the garage, porch, driveway, sidewalk etc. You can trust us to make sure that we build these structures to last, whether it is repairs or complete installation.

Unsurpassed in Providing Foundation Repair St Paul MN

Foundation repair can be a challenging job, but it needs to be done right. Having a strong foundation is imperative to the overall well-being of the home. If the support system starts to fail, the rest of the home will start to deteriorate. That’s why the more you wait to take action, the more damage the foundation will incur, and consequently, the more expensive it becomes to repair. That said, it can be hard to know what condition the foundation is in at present because all of it is hidden, which makes it hard to reach. If you suspect that there is damage, you will want to call us.

We have over the years worked with contractors and homeowners to reinforce foundations. We provide foundation leveling, pier and beam repair services. If you are not sure that your foundation has started to slip away, there are a few signs you can watch out for before calling us.

Cracks – If you start to see hairline fractures and cracks on the foundation slab or maybe on the exterior walls, there is a good chance it is caused by foundation issues. You will want to, in particular, look for zigzag, vertical and horizontal lines.
Sagging Floors – When there is a shift in the foundation, it will often cause problems with the flooring. If you notice that the floorboards have started swelling, buckling or lifting, you are most likely experiencing damage and should call us to take a look before it gets any worse. Having uneven floors not only lowers the value of the home, but it is a hazard for everyone living in it.
Water Damage – St. Paul, MN has been the victim of many floods over the past twenty years. However, apart from natural disasters, flooding can be caused by the pooling up of water in the home, often caused by a plumbing issue. Water will seep through the concrete causing all manner of damage.
Buckling interior walls – Check to see if the interior walls have started to buckle. This is one of the critical factors and helps you identify problems with the foundation. If you see cracks and the plaster peeling from the inside wall, that could be caused by foundation issues that have to be repaired. In fact, we’d say it needs urgent attention.

Our concrete specialists can repair any manner of issues with your foundation. We use a number of techniques to save your most valuable asset. Schedule an appointment with us today to take a look.

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